Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Beginning!

My salary’s out! So cool! Me happy! The thought of being able to earn money is good. After 3 non-productive months, I think I'll lay off the idea of resigning for a long while now. Funny how time and extreme condition (hey, not being able to shop is an extreme condition!) can change one’s mind. Hehe.

I opened my bank account with my first pay check, yay! Treat dear hubby to a nice, filling dinner, and had really nice, fleshy durians!!! We bought 2 biji, ate one, another one left for tomorrow night.

Oh, and many thanks to Jonnie and Lenny who treated us to New Year’s lunch and bought us a nice gift. It was sweet catching up with you guys again. It has been so long!

Anyway, chubby is an “in” thing now... right? May the new year brings you loads of good food! :)


Jonnie said...

my dear...its LENNIE

thank you and have a great year ahead....


Leishia J said...

oh. LENNIE. must sama spelling as urs wan ah? hehehe