Wednesday, January 10, 2007


How many more of this picture we need to see for a change to take place? Zoe, a 9 year old dog went out of the house to relieve herself only to come back all slashed and stabbed for reason only those cold blooded stupid scums know.

Oh the best part? When lodging a police report, the dog owner was told that the police do not have control over what happened to her dog, and when told of suspicious men around her neighbourhood, she was told that she doesn’t need to make report for that.

O_o HAH???

So what then? We wait until ugly things happened then only we lodge report lah? Do they have brains or not in the first place?! Gee I’m never short of amazements what the government is doing with our tax money by hiring polices who couldn’t care less about the people’s security, let alone a harmless dog’s.

ARGHHHHHHH. I have it up till here! My blood is boiling with vulgarity now!!!!!!!!!!!

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