Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ego Stroking

I think it’s a hoax. Or some sort of prank these crooked minded business people is pulling on us *ahem* innocent girls.

So I was approached by a female “talent scout” and asked to be model.

I laughed in her face so loud, I almost shook the ground of Mid Valley. And OF COURSE I proceeded to give her my… I mean, Jason’s number.

Tsk tskk! Such big ego!

By the way, I attended this event by L’oréal hair styling range, thank goodness I did my hair on Sunday (I straightened my hair, I now have bangs!!!), otherwise really men-siasui-kan; anyway the (male) model(s) and the stylist were so yummy and young, they made me feel pedophilic! O_o

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