Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My First Books

Yup, I’ve published a short poetry e-book!

I’ve been meaning to do some publishing work on my own but never gotten to it. So this New Year I reckon I should get my ass moving before I get too old and regret!

To kick start, what I did was I published some of my old pieces in the form of an e-book. Hopefully I’ll get my way around this whole self-publishing thing and produce more good works.

Surf on over to my host and lend me some support will ya? :)

P/s my first issue of magazine’s out too! You can pick up free copies from Starbucks Coffee, Coffee Bean, San Francisco Coffee, Domino’s, Shakey’s, Secret Recipe, Strudels Café, Haagen-Dazs, Dome Café, Red Box, MPH Bookstore, Kenny Rogers, Delifrance, Seed Café, Austin Café, Austin Chase Coffee, and BHP outlets.

P/s/s I hope you’ll enjoy reading the January issue and give me feedback for improvements. Thank you!

P/s/s/s advertising overload, I know! Hehe


David Bong said...

Congrats on the e-publishing of your poetry collection.

do the magazine be available in Melaka too?

Leishia J said...

hey tank-q tank-q! hehe

i think the mag's only available in klang valley though... anyway, will bring u an extra copy the next we come back!

Jonnie said...

can i have a copy please?
when can we start talking about the trip ?

Leishia J said...

yes u may, u can get it from all the mentioned places. hehe.

and we can talk about the trip anytime u start talking... that'll be... march onwards, gotta do some saving first lah.

Fay said...

I will need copies too. Will be back during CNY =)