Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogsvertise: Got A Blog? You'd Want Some Cash Too

Hailed 2 hours drive down south, miche, the lady who has the perpetual ability to sniff out the smell of greenback has introduced to her world of bloggers about blogsvertise.

The site allows you to talk about their listed advertisers and actually earn some cash from doing it. I thought it’s pretty neat so I jumped on the bandwagon too; I mean, hey, a girl’s gotta earn her living man! And if this pays her bill, she jolly well get it on! :)

So when they do approve my application, I guess I’ll be doing a little bit more reviewing here on top of the places and movies which is what I’m doing now; the only difference is, I’ll be hearing the kaching sound a little louder this time around! I hope this'll work out!

Check them out yourself and see if we can be fellow reviewers. Heh.

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