Monday, January 08, 2007

A Pleasant Surprise

No, no, the toll rate didn’t go down; my pay check is not raised, yet; I still have bills to feed; and my Adsense is generating me nil income!

Notice how everything is about money, money, and more money? Haiks… anyway the pleasant surprise came in the form of Joanna Siew Lian - a high-school-through-pre-U friend whom I’ve lost touched with many, many years ago. I was having dinner at a kopitiam I never thought I’d go to have it not been pouring like cats and dogs last Friday!

She’s a special girl, because she can’t speak, and she can’t hear. Through out her schooling days, she depended on her sheer will power to acquire knowledge and came out a champion.

She was also the one who taught me, along with a few other friends, the sign language. We learnt the ABC signs and a few other signs for basic words, and we would communicate by spelling out our conversations with our hand. It was interesting, and amazing, how relationships were bonded even though verbal communication was totally out of the picture!

I recognised her immediately from afar, and with a pumping heart, I approached her table. She was having dinner with her family. I was glad she remembered me, and I was even more glad I remember my signs as I tried to introduce myself!

It was really a sweet reunion even though brief. Oh this lazy bum, I shall be more in touch with my friends, and be reminded to keep in touch, even if its just through SMS. Now, that would be my first 2007 New Year Resolution.

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Fay said...

Sure you should!
I don't have to remind how lousy you are at keeping in touch right? =P