Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Reason Behind MIA

I know, I’ve been missing in action from my own blog for a week now. No thanks to the internet connection from my office. The technician was saying it’ll take a week to fix, now that a week’s gone and the up-time is still pathetically down! And our deadlines’ up!

So I spent most of my work time at my parents to well, write, initially. It’s always initially. Until, you get distracted! Oh there’s so much to be distracted with! Polly my baby girl, the coffee machine, the left over steamed sweet potatoes, my grandmother,, the bed (!!!), you name it, they are all there calling out your name! Hehe.

This evening was my cousin brother’s wedding, it was so sweet for Jason and I to relive those moments, you know – wearing wedding gowns, the glitz, the glamour, the hair, the makeup, the attention!

I still feel I had the bestest wedding, ever! (beating my cousin’s, hands down! Shhhhhh! :p). Everyone was so involved during our tea ceremony, so many came to support, my girl friends especially! My lovely ex tuition teacher and wife, Uncle Felix and Aunty Agnes who attended our wedding ceremony, although he had had a knee surgery days before, he’d still insisted to come! And Dewgem who uh… hardly know me but still came and accompanied me from the morning till evening! I was beyond words and honour! Yeah, it was a woah for me. And yes, if you let me to, I’ll continue to talk about my wedding till the cows come home. Hohoho! :D

Of course that’s not to say my cousin’s wedding was lousy, in fact far from it! Theirs’ only a tea ceremony and a wedding dinner but it was really sweet and lovely. My cousin brother was so excited and happy that his face actually spells the words! The bride was lovely in her mermaid-bustier gown. They’ve got 2 kick ass (free) emcees, and sweet presentations by the hotel, equally kick ass zhi-muis (who came out with so many weird and gross games and tricks for the groom and his wedding party) and heng-dais (who sportingly donned the underwear-worn-outside stunt, and downed some yucky concoction of banana, chili, bitter gourd, and some other… interesting stuff…). It was really joyful and memorable!

Well, here’s to the lovely couple, Tam & Irene, and a lifetime of happiness! (and my internet connection to be quickly restored!!!)

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