Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Crowning Problem

I recently chopped off my long, wavy hair to a little-under-shoulder length, straightened it, and spotting bangs now. I can’t exactly say I love it because I actually feel sassier and thought I looked better when my crown was a wavy perm. But I do love the fact that my head feels so much lighter to shoulder now!

Hair stylist after hair stylist never failed to be amazed with my hair; not that it’s all jet black, shiny, and water fall-like, rather it’s so thick and… well, thick, they could snip the scissors twice and the floor will be mounted with hair. It’s that scary (but fortunately too! I know!)! Contrary to during my baby days though, I had only three strands of hair above my forehead and that’s about it! Hehe.

When I was younger I did envy those with thinner hair and it seems so manageable although of course, I could hear them lamenting about how problematic thin hair is, and how they are trying all kinds of potions and shampoos to cure the problem. Ah well, human being human, whatever we have, we’d still complain eh! :)

However, I do strongly believe that if you have problem with thinning hairlines, over-the-counter shampoos and remedies will not work, so it’s a waste of money to spend on those. You reckon? Although I’m not too sure how effective it is if you were to spend thousands of moolah in hair restoration centers though because I don’t need it (yet? Oh God please, I definitely don’t need it!).

But this URL -, sent over by my sponsor housed a whole range of before-and-after pictures of patients with thinning hairlines who underwent their surgical hair restoration procedure. And well, I gotta say, it’s quite convincing. They even put up videos of the procedures and offer “Lunchtime” procedures for those who are always on the run! Now that’s what I call going the extra mile in the customer service department. Heh.

Now the only sad news is, this surgical hair restoration specialist center is only available in New York. So for you who’s living in Big Apple and think you might need a consultation or two about your receding hairline, check them out, and let me know if they deliver well! :)

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