Monday, January 29, 2007

Doing The Work Scene In Style

I haven’t gone on any shopping sprees for a real long time, mainly due to time constraint, besides I want to save more for our plan of buying a house.

Thank God for the nature of my job, I’m not required to wear professional work clothes, i.e. mini skirts/pants with shirt, and a blazer over it, complete with court shoes, yadda yadda yawn. On the contrary, I was asked to wear casual work clothes, like jeans and such :)

Basically my work place wardrobe consists of mainly jeans, top, and most of the time, sneakers, which my grandma makes so much of fuss about. “Aiyoh! What is this? Where got girls wear like this wan? Please lah, can you be a girl?!” that’s the gist of her Hakka shrieking.

And have I mentioned already Jason bought me a jacket for my birthday? Well he bought one saying when I attend and cover events, I can at least look more professional. Heh. (Tomorrow I have an event @ Hilton! Yay! Can wear my gift and look plofayshenal leh!)

Anyway, I’ve surfed over to BananaRepublic through and I found loads, and I seriously means loads of great casual office/weekend wear which I’d love to own! I love their pants selections which simply oozes attitude. Oh you know how big I am with the whole attitude thing!

The website is almost like a one stop shopping centre, you can get everything you need to cover (or uncover!) your body from head to toe: tops, tees, skirts, pants, cropped pants, jeans, suits, sweaters, swimwear (!!!), oooh and shoes and handbags!

And to relieve the dryness of your wallet, BananaRepublic is offering free standard shipping orders worth $125.00+, now that’s good news for me! The promotion ends on the 30th of April. So do head on over to the site and start filling up your shopping cart, quote them the BananaRepublic coupon code (BRFREE) and be set free from worrying about shipping fees! My fingers are all tingly with shopping bugs now! :)

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