Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Weekend

Counting my blessings on my 27th birthday:

Jason took a day off just to spend quality time with me! But I ended up keeping him waiting because I was rushing to meet my articles’ deadlines. (but then ah, he never give me notice woh!)

Jason brought me to Mid Valley (on a work day! *cough*pontengkerja*cough*) for lunch.

Jason got me a jacket which I’ve drooled after for half a year now. Amazingly he still remembers the location of the shop in Mid Valley (he tends to get lost there) and the exact camel brown jacket (!!! for a guy, it’s amazing!!!) which I’ve been dreaming of and later given up hope in.

Jason made booking in one of my favourite Italian Restaurant for dinner. But the boss didn’t honour the booking by giving the table to another customer only frantically apologize to us when we showed up, citing reason such as his staff mistaken the customer as Jason. After a 10 minute wait, dinner was on the house. What’s sweeter than free dinner?!

Actually, there is something sweeter than free dinner: the petrol kiosk cashier (accidentally) gave us an extra five dollar worth of petrol. If I wasn't too sleepy at that time, I'd be laughing all the way home.

Besides the free dinner and the free petrol, Big Guy gave me another present too! But let me savour it first before I show you the picture :)

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