Monday, February 12, 2007

Fly Phones

About two years ago my siblings and I chipped in and bought a cell phone for my dad as Father’s Day gift, I was using an old brick Nokia model I had since forgotten, 3330 or something.

Fast forward a month, and you had me in the toilet, a squatting one for that matter. And yes, you guessed it, my trusty old brick was in my back pocket, which I conveniently forgot, and yes, it went tumbling down the toilet hole :)

As sad as I was, I mean my old Nokia was really very trusty; you can drop it however you want and it will survive. In fact, after it was fished out, cleaned, and dried, it still worked. But that also meant I get to have a new phone.

But I was also very broke. And dad “borrowed” me his Father’s Day gift, the one my siblings and I bought for him.

Up till today.

I’m still having my dad’s phone (hey, I’d be darned if I have the cheeks to return the phone back to him!); and so I decided to get a phone for him this year, either for his birthday or well, Father’s Day. Whenever I get to save enough money. I know, it sucks, two years down the road and I’m still broke! :]

I found some really cool cell phone deals at Wirefly’s. My dad is an average, basic phone user and wirefly seems to have just about all the good options. All he needs is to call out (obviously, duh!), SMS, take pictures, and MMS. Most importantly the phone must be user friendly, so I’m looking at Sony Ericsson or Nokia’s as we are so used to using Nokia’s phone by now, and SE’s layout and functions is similar.

But carries a wide range of phones and service providers; they even have unbeatable plans for you to choose from. Don’t know what to get for your pumpkin pie who resides half a globe apart this coming Valentine’s? Think Motorola RAZR in pink or hot magenta complete with a talk plan to sizzle up to. Oh how cool!

I especially like their cash-in-your-old-phone deals. Just find out the phone that you want and correctly assess its condition to get an instant trade-in quote, print out a prepaid shipping label, box your phone up properly and ship over to them free of charge. And all you gotta do now is to wait 14 days for a check. Neat huh?

I might do just that for a spanking new phone!

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