Monday, February 26, 2007

More Money? Most Definitely!

PayPerPost is up to something again.

First I got sucked in because I was told I get paid blogging. I wasn’t too into it even after my blog was approved. And then I was told I’ll be paid more for blogging; looking at the dollar signs clearly displayed on the dashboard on PPP, they got my attention.

Today, I was told yet again that some “Big News” is about to burst from the office of PayPerPost and suddenly, I’m curious as a kitty cat! Oh boy what could it be?

My page rank has always been between 0 and 2 although I get satisfying hits. I said “between” because whenever I check my page ranking, the rank differs, at times I even get a N/A. I’m not too savvy with this whole PR stuff but I do know because of that, opportunities to blog for big money are slipping me by and that can be quite sucky when I have a lovely puppy at home to maintain for and their food and medical bills don’t come cheap!

If you ask me, I would guess and hope and crossing my fingers madly that PPP will not just help its lower ranking bloggers boost their PRs, but also come up with a blog directory open to the public to browse through. I think currently their directory is for members only. Anyway, bloggers shall then be paid for the clicks to the open directory from their blogs.

Besides that, they’ll give out freebies to the bloggers who, in return, must give out to their readers in whichever form deem appropriate, i.e. contests organized by the blogger. I think interactions like this are most valuable to boost readership and sales of the advertisers.

And lastly, maybe they’ll launch video-blogging services too! Instead of “writing” about it, imaginative bloggers get to let their creative juices flow free by coming up with videos relevant to the advertisers’ requirement. Well everyone can make a video these days with their digital cameras, so!

Since such jobs will require a little more work and time, the pay shall be higher too! And since PPP pays for real, blogging for a living is seriously no longer too far a dream.

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