Monday, February 26, 2007

Gong Hei Gong Hei! Kick Ass Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year was so fun because I get to spend time way before the eve of CNY up till last night at my parents’ (As Chinese's custom, daughter who's married are consider out of the family and will only come a-visiting on the 2nd day during Chinese New Year. Since my husband is non-Chinese, this is not applicable. Yay for that!)

And this is also Jason’s first official CNY. He was beaming in glee the whole time because “wah so much of good food! This is the bestest Chinese New Year ever man! Evah!

If there’s anything at all you should believe in what he says, this is the one. My grandma prepares so much of beautiful food, he had to refill his rice like, 3 times! Oh, and if you ask, he'll happily show you his wardrobe full of festive red shirts and polos too. Yes, he is THAT excited.

As the family along with my uncle's is growing in size as well as numbers, our dining room is no longer enough to house the dinner. So dad brought back 3 long tables and we combined it to make it one large table in the living room. We dined in the luxury of an air-conditioned room. It was beautiful (anything without sweat is always beautiful, I tell you).

First day of CNY also means vegetarian food, forbidding oneself from doing bad deeds, and saying bad words. But by midday, my bro and Jason were openly demanding to go hunt for meat. So we went out to tapau McD’s, and smuggled the food to the attic right under my parents’ nose, where we shared the love with my sisters and chomped the juicy meat patties away, and of course, we gambled, by our own rules. It was heaps of fun. I, of course, was the winner! A total of $4.10! So cool!

Second day was meat day again, and all’s happy! We visited my maternal grandma in Tampin, and then headed to my big aunty’s place in Kuala Pilah where we ate more meat! Do you see a very happy boy at the background? Uhm hmm.

On the 3rd day my family went up the mountains for 3 days while I had to stay at my parents’ to take care of Polly, simply because Jason couldn’t get his leave approved thanks to his boss, “You Cina kah?” -_- And then went on leave with the rest of the Malays in the office for the rest of the week. Nice one sir. You came to our wedding, remember? Dad was of course disappointed as he planned for this trip to be a close family retreat with a new addition to the family.

But time spent at home with Polly was not a waste either. I was able to set her meal time right (she refused to eat her main meals for the longest time!) and kept her busy by playing with her and going on walks with Jason in the evenings. She’s a happy, tail wagging doggy again! Now she follows everywhere I go and always casts me that puppy look when evening comes (and refused to sleep in my mom’s room at night when my family came home from Genting! Ahahahaha! Who’s your daddy now?!)

Oh how I love her!!!

Saturday night, the 7th day, was another crazy day of cleaning, preparing, cooking, serving, and entertaining guests as mom threw an open house party. There were the embarrassing pouring rain, amiable wet crowd, more fantastic food, and a culture shock for me…

Stick around to find out what's that all about? Tis to be continued...


Anonymous said...

very cute pup Polly, too bad I cant have one coz I have bb Sean.

Leishia J said...

hey nicole!

well yeah, having puppies and doggies is like having a baby at home, need to take care of their everything, and, they are not cheap. bleah. :)

sean is one cute baby! hope to see u around more!