Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Review My Post & Get Paid, Interested?

If you noticed at all, some of my postings these days have this button at the end of it,

and true to what it suggests, you will get paid in reviewing my post in your own blog.

If you have a blog, and don’t mind a few extra dollars (who does?!), why not get paid to blog? It’s a neat way to earn a little extra pocket money and at the same time, do some blog marketing for yourself! And this “little extra pocket money” can really add up to a sum! (Oh they sure do! After gotten married, instead of receiving ang paus, I had to fork out money to give ang paus instead, so this really helps to minimize the damage to my wallet. Hehe)

Just click on whichever posts that you want to review from my blog, talk about it in your blog, and you will get a total of USD$7.50 per post. Simple as that! And don’t forget to add the button on your own posting too, because then others can review your posts instead and the good news is, not just they’ll get paid, YOU will get paid too! Go do the math!

So spread the news and share the love. This will help you earn cash and expand your networks and contacts. And by doing so, you will also generate thousands and thousands of links back to your site, and that means for every link and review by other bloggers, your account will grow fatter.

Now is that cool or is that cool? Give it a go!

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