Friday, March 16, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me - Yay! I'm A Freak!

Ain’t it cool? I keep getting tagged! This time by Nicole.

So 6 weird thang about me? If this question was given to Jason to answer FOR me. He’ll HAPPILY do it for you.

> I eat only sour fruits. Yeah I’m ok with sweet fruits and stuff, but I don’t enjoy sweet ones, like papaya; honeydew; red apples (but I love green apples!); ripe, mushy mangoes (only semi ripe/ raw ones), sweet pineapples (only sour ones with salt - totally kickass!). But the only sweet exception for me is DURIAN! They are funky and they kick ass! And maybe bananas too, I used to hate it with a vengeance but now I like it! Moist chocolate banana cakes, sinfully good. *grins*

> While taking the escalator, I MUST be on the LEFT side before I get onto it. If somehow I was pushed/squeezed/made to be on the right side, I’d be wobbly, like my feet and right hand’s totally jello. I don’t feel safe damnit!

> Before I start a journey i.e. driving or taking public transport, I absolutely NEED to mind-map out the whole route, like days before the journey begins! But this mostly applies to KL and unfamiliar roads. Especially KL roads. They are killer. And it sucks so bad that all the events are confirmed-chopped-signed held in KL! Grrr!

> When I listen to music/songs, I HAVE to drop all other work to concentrate on the lyrics. I multitask pretty well, but not when it comes to music and doing other stuff. I MUST be able to understand what the singer’s singing/mumbling or I’d go crazy. OK lah, not crazy but it’ll… give me no rest. Normally in a matter of days I’d be able to sing the song already. Oh and I HATE CDs with no lyrics!

> If given a choice, I ONLY eat chicken breast. No other parts of the chicken for me thank you very much. You can keep the drumstick to yourself, I won’t fight with you for it. In fact, I find drumsticks kinda stink.

> There’s this voice in my head ALL. THE. TIME. That voice tends to answer back silently whenever I talk to people, for example, Jason; or even when I’m alone, I’d hold conversations with myself. The cool thing is, it makes all kinds of sound effect too, only it happens in my head lah. So it’s always VERY happening inside my head. I’m now looking for a theme song for myself.

Et voilà! The tag is open to all. Feel free to tag yourself and like me, celebrate what a freak you are! Vive le freakos!!!!


dohnie said...

WAH! MUsiC BOThERs yOu ThAt MuCH??!!!

I have just discovered another musically-inclined person!!!



Leishia J said...

wei, ur "haha!" is a bit cynical wohhhh.

*rub chins with index finger*



dohnie said...

heee... no mockery intended!


I wonder what Jee Jin will say about having a song for Easter... hahaha(in a non-cynical manner)! How about doing your narration in song?!!

I'm so full of ideas right now.

Leishia J said...

-_- i'm so full of gratitude right now...

no need to work ah? so free! hoiyoh!