Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coffee & Friends, The Ultimate Pair

It was a nice, sleazy afternoon to catch up with friends. Leng Sim, Li Khim and I had a taste of the old school days again when we caught up over coffees (big doses of ‘em!), and chit chat for hours on end.

We gossiped about Khim’s HK trip and hot plumbers; lusted for cool computers and gadgets; moaned about changed faces, a few bad apples, single-hood, and growing up years; it was all so recent yet… familiar, to hang out with the girls again.

A shame the initial makan plan didn’t work out (anyway which time they did huh? Ha! It’s almost impossible to organize a meeting with us!), and Lynna can’t join us, some freak incident. Heh. Get well soon babe! You were dearly missed ;)


Anonymous said...

how nice catch up with friends. too bad.. i cant do it any more coz my friend asking me out at night. Hey.. I am a mama now.. hav a baby.. that wht my hubby tell me now.

Leishia J said...

hah. get ur hubby to babysit baby sean and let u have a girl's night out! whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

haha.. no lar.. I also feel not comfy if Sean is not with me. Hubby cant really handle him he is learning to walk.. making house a mess..too.

sailorsim said...

aww... you blogged about our coffee retreat? how sweet ^^

we'll try roping the entire gang again for dinner next month. this time we might need some tactics. maybe one of us has to fake a wedding or something to get their attention.

Leishia J said...

oooo tats a very good idea! we fake yours!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!

and of course i'm sweet! man i love coffee retreats!... but not with caramel lah :/ hehe

м ë l said...

Aha! Found your blog =D