Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Heart BBQ

Saturday evening was one crazily humid evening. And what would you do on a hot, sweaty Saturday evening? Why, throw a BBQ party and soak yourself in sweat of course! Smokin’ baby!!!

So my bosses did just that and the results were schmelly armpits, oily faces, limpy hair, meat-filled tummies, lots of drunk bloopers, cheesy tricks, and flaming stunts.

Towards the end of it, my colleagues got so high from all the laughing, heat, and red wine (I was good. Only iced-tea for me!), everyone started showing off their really lame tricks, including my lady boss! Hehe.

What with the milder tricks of throwing the cork on table till it stands up-right, and chopstick-in-cup, to the nut-case tricks of holding a lighted cigarette with your thumb and index finger, and (gasp!) stubbing a lighted cigarette out on tongue!

Jason (oh of course who else but loco Jason) stepped up to the challenge and picked up a lighted cigarette, no not to have a puff (if he did, I would definitely report him to Pastor! Be rest assured!), but to stub that lighted ciggy head on his tongue!

And well, he didn’t flinched one bit and that earned him a round of applause (see how lame things got?) upon completing the task. And that, encouraged my ed’s girl friend so much, she was fighting to stick the ciggy head in her tongue; and kept screaming excitedly “holy macaroni, soo cool! SO COOOLLLl!!!” while sticking her tongue out to show the winning troph… erm, ashes on it.


Then, we ran out of tricks to laugh at, so we ran into the house to watch this on the computer which got us all gasping for breath laughing like some mad cows. Be forewarned should you click the link. But then again, its old joke. But then again who says old joke can’t be laughed at twice?! Ha. Ha.

Happy weekending!

1. Show-boys. Don’t ask me why the V sign. -_- 2. Jeans belongs to my sister, but I love it! It makes ME look leggy! Mwahahhahaha. 3. These 2 love camwhoring. Oh well that’s what they are paid to do anyway!


Alvin said...

Siow are you! Have BBQ in the sweltering HEAT..hahaha..


Leishia J said...

eh not me lah! my bosses punya party lah! die die also must come to show support, if not go back office we'll die together-gether. lol