Friday, March 09, 2007

My Day Was As Long As This Post

Yesterday was one frigging long day!

For one, waking up at 6am is no easy feat. For another, hauling my ass up to the washroom is, erm, let’s just stop at "it’s not a pretty sight".

And then getting stuck in the highway-toll-traffic for half an hour for what could’ve been a 3-minute drive has caused millions of my brain cells to commit suicide. I mean, you’re paying an increased toll price of RM1.60 just to cross that thin administrative border (you know, the one where you build many teeny tiny itty bitty toll booths across the highway to earn money wan leh), but ended up still getting stuck in the traffic for hours on end.

Does that sentence even make any sense to consumers?! I mean, you pay toll for what? To shorten your own life span is it? Only in Malaysia. Blah.

Anyway, 3 events were lined up back to back for the whole of yesterday and boy did it zap your energy out when the day ended.

I was at KLCC Convention Centre for a Honda event - the launched of their 3rd generation CRV. Very exciting. Very sleek. But I still love my Murano.

And then popped on over to Mandarin Oriental for a slimming product launch. The spoke person was none other than Singaporean media darling - Fann Wong. With bones sticking out from her shoulder and back, I thought she was a tad to thin but pretty nonetheless!

The Malay girl (MG) next to me was cute.

MG: Excuse me, uh, you kenal Fann?
Me: Uh…. She is… that girl on the banner? *cocked head eye pointing the stage*
MG: Dia tu popular sangat ke?
Me: Uh… rasanya kut.
MG: Kat Singapore saje kan? Malaysia tak kenal dia kan?
Me: Erm…. Dialah actress next to Jacky Chan kat Shanghai Noon. Adik dia tu.

I could think of such intelligent answer's only because I was enlightened earlier:

Me: Fann Wong very famous meh? Why so many bodyguards around wan? And why the bodyguards must be so obvious showing that they are bodyguards ah? What's with the standing posture and gum-chewing, slow-mo eyes sweeping floor movement man! *rolls eyes*
Ed: She’s Jacky Chan’s sister in Shanghai Noon mah.
Me: Ohhh! But didn’t she die during the first 5 minutes?
Ed: -_-“ noOo…

Anyway, the terrible part was, they refused to give me the press release bag because “We already gave your editor”. Duh, so smart, cover your own event lah! Kiamsiap betul!

And then I managed to sneak in a little bit time to buy a pair of shoes!!!

Shoes oh glorious shoes!
Shoes that girls wear.
Shoes that tell my husband that, yes, your wife is in fact, a girl.
Shoes in sheer princess pink.
Shoes that are flat pumped, yet pointy and womanly.
Shoes that are anything but sports shoes...

Like the pair I’m wearing now for the past 6 months. Heh.

Oh yeah, the proud achievement: 10 minutes tops including making payment at the cashier to own that pair of shoes. I know! I’m so cool. *beams*

And then rushed over to BSC’s The Actor Studio for a Coca-cola event. A little “huh?”, a little cheesy, a little retro, a little crowded, a little happiness, a little “whee!”, a little coke bottle in a little coke hardboard box for a door gift, very cool. Can sell on eBay. Hehe. Money minded betul!

Yeah, yeah, pictures, pictures to come. Bleh.

Went back to my parents’ to collect my car, and by the time I reached home, had dinner, ran a few banking errands, pumped petrol, it’s already 11pm.

And hitting the sack was so difficult, because hey! I was so tired and brain dead, I wasn’t even tired anymore! =_=


Anonymous said...

ok... 5 wishes for this yr. tag u!!

Alvin said...

fann wong is here in KL mer?..aiyor..say earlier mar..she's alright and pretty..not too bad in shanghai noon..

just a thought, why all slimming products have artist/celebrities WHO ARE ALREADY THIN THEMSELVES to advertise/endorse the products which claim to slim your body lar...funny right?..hehe..

take care,

Leishia J said...


exactly my point! hehe