Thursday, March 01, 2007

Laze. Food. Muse.

Have been slacking a bit over here… at least since my last post on CNY; I still owe it to myself to jot down the happenings during the open house threw by my mom last Saturday. Well I’ll get around to it, aye?

Sunday was pleasantly relaxing after 1 whole week of crazy CNY celebration. We stayed over at my parents’ after the party on Saturday night; attended church; our home life leader treated us to lunch after service to celebrate his wife’s birthday, but wife was at home resting, ack? Hehe.

And then I received an SMS from my designer, saying he’s got 2 tickets to Muse concert for that night itself, interested? I promptly replied, no can't do… because we’ve committed to go to another friend’s party. Oh well it was all good. I guess it’s better to catch up with friends over festive mood and drinks rather than head-banging away at a concert eh? Did I mention I ate so much of yee sang?! Oh boy I love, love, love yee sang, minus the sang yee I guess. LoL.

Last night was even better! Jason brought me to Marriot Hotel @ Putrajaya for buffet dinner! Though I wouldn’t say the food was glorious, but I enjoyed it. And the company. I did stuff myself to the brink, albeit slowly. Oh you know how buffet is, you’ll want to try everything, and by dessert, you’ll be 4 months pregnant, only with bucket load of food!

CNY is coming to an end and that’s just too bad, because I had so much fun, I wish it’ll last! Hehe.

Now, I wonder what’s in store for me this New Year from the Lord? More food reviews and happy news, and extra pocket money will be a good start!

Image credit: these beautiful images were ripped from here. Love the rich, gorgeous colour textures!


Anonymous said...

Hows the food at Marriot and Equatorial at Putrajaya? Putrajaya your famous spot? hehe..

Leishia J said...

haha. i stay in bangi... so.... putrajaya/serdang/kajang/puchong/subang all these are my frequent spots. :)

*u have no idea how boring is bangi!