Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ma, I Made You Proud!

I cleaned the house last night.

The husband stayed late over at office, so I rushed home after work, and immediately got on all fours.

Do you know that, putting the laundry to wash, cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the shower, killing mosquitoes, tidying up the coffee table and dresser, sweeping and mopping the entire apartment, cleaning the balcony, taking out trash, putting the washed laundry to dry, and folding clean laundry, all these my dears, are Back. Breaking. Jobs.

No joke.

And for my hard work, I was promptly presented with one set of McDonald’s Happy Meal. Yay!


Anonymous said...

oh.. wht a coincidenece, I did clean up too last night. But not entire house.. just my junk. I have all the junk in plastic bags and I have to open up one by one to clear it.. like want.. then keep dont want.. throw..

Leishia J said...

urgh! i hate cleaning ups!

i will be like so semangat want to tidy up my junks by taking out everything from the shelf and boxes, after that, i dont know how to put back.

someone just shoot me, please!


Alvin said...

Eh, cannot hire a maid or something mer?...hehehe…ladies the born “super multi-tasker”..haha..

Alvin (bumped into your blog from mini’s site)

Leishia J said...

hey alvin!

maids are for rich tai-tais lah. maybe another 30 years i'll get one. heh


miche said...

hahahahaha...finally u r doing ur wifey responsibility. :P

Leishia J said...


wei... i memang got do wan lah.... just *ahem* give face to jason, dont *cough* want to boast *cough* about me doing house work only mahhhh

Young People's Fellowship said...

eh which church you attend ar?..


donny said...

*spam* This site has been visited, but I have nothing intelligent to say!

Haha! *waves* I actually even copied that phrase from one of the youths in church! Cool site! Linked from KimMi's!

Leishia J said...

hey donny!

*waves*waves*waves* ooo tis excitinnng! donny in da house!