Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Mom, The Techno Dino

But! Her SMSes are quite entertaining.

She’s now in Chiang Mai with my dad, on a business cum leisure trip. I received this SMS from her yesterday morning:

Vr going elephant trekking n l8r river bamboo rafting. Very xciting.

(Note all the SMS lingo/spelling)

To which I replied:
Wah! So dangerous. Hold on tight to the elephant and remember your life jacket ah.

(Note how I type in proper English in fear of her not understanding. Yeah, it takes a daughter to mother the well, mother.)

To which she replied:
No scared. Fun.

I remembered them in my prayer this morning, and then I SMSed her:

So how was your elephant ride? Got fall into river?

To which she replied:
Last time, elephant ride’s only 4 kings ah. But scared fall off the back. Have 2 hold tight tight. U 1 2 join us?

-_- sure, mom! I’ll see you in say, 15 minutes?

That’s my mama :)

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