Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Week In A String Of Jokes

> I met the best-in-JB-and-Singapore-and-some-say-Batam funny man. Very chiselled. Very handsome.

> I ate my first piece of raw meat in my entire life. Very bizarre. Very I-no-like.

> I saw sakura plant in person for the first time in my entire life. Very white. Very overrated.

> I tasted my first sakura meal complete with sakura tea and ice cream, made of sakura petals and leaves. Very expensive. Very proud.

> I tried my first scoop of authentic wasabi ice cream too. Very weird. Very surreal.

> I watched 300 with a theatre-full of audiences, who laughed their heads off during every bloody scene. Yeah, I did feel better.

> I heard the funniest joke ever, and it went straight into my World’s Best Joke Book. Very funny. Very classic. It goes like this:

Crazy frog was in her Kancil car with a young male friend her age. When came to a junction to turn right, the traffic light turned red. So crazy frog positioned her car with her steering veered towards right, halted, and very much so obvious that she’s about to attempt a U-turn.

While waiting in silence for the traffic light to turn green, there was suddenly a loud, booming thunderous voice breaking the still, humid, afternoon air.

“ABC 2345. Sini bukan tempat untuk U-turn. Jangan U-turn disini!” said the stern, autocratic voice.

Dumbfounded, crazy frog and male friend froze in the moment.

“Hmm, that number sure sounds like my car’s number…” crazy frog thought aloud.

For a good 10 seconds, they both didn’t dare to move their heads. But being the curious crazy frog that she is, crazy frog decided to peep into the rear-view mirror carefully without so much of moving another muscle besides her eyes’.

And there it was, parking quietly behind them, 2 police man in their handsome white police car, laughing their heads off behind the wheels.

> Another joke that qualifies to the world’s best. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s so classic, you just can not not spread the joy!

A couple went to have dinner in a supposedly 4 stars hotel. Half way through, a bunch of men walked into the restaurant, plonked themselves down next to the couple’s table, and started puffing away their ciggies.

They got irritated, dramatically picked up their belongings and food and moved across the room to another table.

The chief waiter came, asking if anything’s wrong. The couple, ever the drama queens, started saying: They're so uncivilised! Smoking in an air-con room, puffing into our faces. We asked for non-smoking section and was given that table! How could they smoke right into our faces?!

The chief waiter was embarrassed, and replied: Sorry sir, this IS memang the smoking area. Uh, would you like another table?

=_= Doink! Doink!

> Don’t you just love to have a taste of my life!

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mIcHe said...

hah??? what's so funny about the frog? dun understand *blur*

the smoking table also i blur blur :P