Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm A Girl. Hear Me Roar!

Did I tell you I’m all for jersey wrap dresses? Oh well I’m all for jersey wrap dresses :) I have 2 lovely dresses which I bought recently and I love them to bits. I wore one to an event yesterday and I’m getting loads of attention! Mwahahahaha.

OK, vain pot talking. Moving along.

So I've gotten sick of wearing jeans to work everyday and decided it’s about time I be a girl. I mean, mom didn’t bear me for 9 months as a GIRL for no reason!

So yeah, gotta be a girl, man!

Imagine my skippity heart when I clicked enter to through Coupon Chief (remember I blogged about this site before? Yes! Don’t you just love coupons?!!!). They have dresses of all kinds to choose from!!! Jerseys, drop-waists, formals, tie-backs, long & flirty, LBD, LWD (little white dress!), woven, smocked, social dresses, casual dresses, ALL DRESSES!

Oh grandma-balloonee!!! There’s only this much my heart can take!!!

I love their extensive wrap and patterned range! Really gorgeous stuff! The good news when you shop through Coupon Chief is this: you get promising discounts and even free shipping at your favourite stores! And in this case, from now till 30th of June, when you shop at Target, you’ll get a 10% discount without a minimum and you’ll also get free shipping on selected times! Simply enter the coupon code and you’re good to go.

Ahh, the little sweet details of shopping online. Me happy.

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