Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My (Almost) Oscar Night

Easter had came and gone. Boy how time flies!

This year’s Good Friday was “rather” exciting because, it was my stage debut! Whoo hoo! OK, OK… I take that back, it was my off-stage debut! Whoo hoo -_-

See, I was a narrator for a mime/skit. How… crazy was that? Haha. Leishia? Mic? Leishia and mic? So not a combo!

My hands were shaking when I held Mike the mic (what? can't a mic have a decent name?) and Tori the hand-torch, and my legs too were wobbly even though I was seated (and the script was on my lap, tossing up and down like peanuts on a hot pan). At one point I almost wanted to scream into the mic calling for the director! (Have I done so, I will henceforth be banned from getting near to anything stage-related!... Man, why didn't I do it?!)

But it was all good! Thank God! I didn’t do anything stupid except for messing up one line by reading it before cue. Although I was, erm, shaking all over (rather mildly lah!), somehow I could remember word for word even without looking at the script, and said it exactly without blacking out.

See this thing about blacking out, my mind has a huge tendency of wiping out all info, text, images, data, younameit, on the last minute as it wills without so much of preparing me. And I would just freeze there like a dummy for seconds. Minutes even!

Or, my mind would create and input totally unrelated stuff causing me to translate those data into words like a robot. For example, the script says: eating rice and crapping *toot*. I would… I mean, my mind would make me say: eating *toot* and crapping rice.

Uhm hmm, sweet eh? Totally yeeew-ouch! Hehe.

Oh by the way, I’ve prepared an award-acceptance speech before the play. Just in case, you know ;) Allow me.

“I want to thank my parents, my grandma, my puppy,the sound man, the lighting girl, my costume designer, the awesome script writer, our wonderful director JeeJ. And the cast! How can I forget you guys? Henry and Theva as the guards cum bad guys, Kimmi as the super bad guy, Eric my narration partner, and Jason my husband, as Jesus (!). You guys were lovely to work with!

And P/S director JeeJ, your retro high-waisted, white bell-bottoms were simply gorgeous! *cue winks* I love you all! And to my fans! Love, love, LOVE you all! Without you I won’t made it this far and actually be here tonight along side the fantabulous Austin Power! *cue flying kisses* love you all! God bless America!”


Alvin said...

Haha. Yeah, there’s always this huge “Oh No, I’m so going to screw this up” feeling lingering around during such productions in church. I’ve encountered it like millions of time, so I can relate to your story here. HAHA.

Exceptionally funny when you start naming your mic and hand torch…

Maybe I should start drilling my PA system guys in doing the same thing, Lenny 1 test, Lenny 2 test. Mandy 2 test, Mandy no sound. Try again, try connect the mandy properly. HAHA.. lol

Aiyor aunty, your award acceptance Soooo flipping funny..hahaha.

Leishia J said...

-_- so funny some more want to call me aunty! real aunties have no sense of humour wan lahhhh at least call me a uber cool fake aunty mah!

LOLLL but i LOVE the idea of drilling ur PA system guy! then the church will willingly let you go on a break as long as you wish!

see! i so smart hor?!