Friday, April 13, 2007

The Day Flood Means Joke

Yes, when my apartment is flooded. 3 floors up from the ground, and its flooded. How funny!

I mean can you believe it? The apartment was flooded! Oh. The agony!

I came back early from work on Thursday and thought how cool, can enjoy my bath, reading, listening to Mika's CD, and just slack before the sun sets for once! And then it started raining, pouring, storming even! And when I stepped into the apartment, I looked towards the kitchen and saw that the floor was wet. I thought OK, must be leaking from the window again, better go collect the laundry first. So I proceeded.

And with my arms full with laundry, I walked right out to the living room, thinking to dump them on the couch first and then! It happened. The truth unravelled. I felt a puddle of water under my feet.

Yee, why wet geh? Hmm…

I dumped the clothes on couch, and turned around.

Half my living room was flooded! Puddle of water here and there. WTH right? Low land only fear flooding wan mah, no meh? Geography teacher say wan! I’m not even grounded leh!

I quickly walked into the bedroom, and that was it. A little below ankle high was the height of the water level. The same went to the study room and the store room full of MY stuff. MY STUFF. You get it? MY STUFF!!!

I walked back out to the living room, plonked myself down on the couch, SMSed Jason about the joke. And I slept. Heh. Till Jason got home with currypuffs, cakes, and apple strudels.

Of course I ate first!

The owner is looking and engaging contractors to change the old-school windows to sliding ones next weekend. I hope that’ll help. Thank God for his willingness to take action because despite the location of it being out of town, and the whole not non-malay friendly environment, we still like the apartment enough to plan to stay for a while before we get our own pad. The rental is cheap, once you enter the house, it’s a whole different world in there. So! It's a give and take thing.

We cleaned up the house till wee hours (my books were wet!!! Damnit!) and went to Projet’s 7-11 for dinner - Maggie mee in cup and whipped potato! Nice combo for a wet and cold night! Yum!

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