Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miniescapade: Episode Between Muar & Melaka Part I

After the flood ordeal on Thursday evening, we got packed and were ready for a trip down south to Muar on Friday evening.

It was for a training Jason’s conducting there for the Southern region sales team and I get to tag along! 3 cheers for mini escapades!

We checked into a Classic Hotel, and I thought it’s pretty decent for a small town: the room was spacious, tidy, and clean, almost comparable to a 4-star hotel it is a 4 star hotel. But the sales lady’s rigid and immature attitude when dealing with customer (over the phone with Jason) was… well, not commendable, but that’s another story.

So on Saturday when Jason’s at work down at the function room, I was busy slacking in the room, watching Astro, sipping coffee, and chomping salty chips! Syiok!

I caught Walk The Line twice (but damn, didn’t get to the ending both times: once on Friday midnight and the next on Saturday afternoon, nearing check-out time. Ish!), starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. I thought both of them were fantastic actors! Their acting and dialogues delivered the story so... effortlessly and breathlessly. And they were so natural! The talking, the character, the singing… heart it!

And then there was this Turkish movie, which towards the middle, I was already attached to it and ready to call it a good one.

It’s about the intrusion of an invention of modern technology in the 70s into a small town called Hakkari in Turkey. They called it Vizontele or, radio with pictures (that’d be television in modern language). The movie depicts the confusion, excitement, fear, and disappointment of the villagers that were brought by the inanimate object.

My Turkish friend was telling me the cast was a team of famous comedians back home and how they have stand up comedies in local theatres. It was no surprise considering how I was tickled and laughed along with all their jokes and gimmicks even though I understand not a word of Turkish! The ending was very much unexpected!

The storyline is simple yet refreshing. Reminded me of how dependant we folks are on our gadgetries. Once air-con breaks down, we’d be crying in sweat; TV fused, we’d be shouting in boredom; and god forbids, if computers and internet connection gone, there goes our life too!

In between these movies marathon I was laughing myself silly watching Taiwanese entertainment talk shows. Oh it was so good!

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