Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miniescapade: Episode Between Muar & Melaka Part II

We spent the rest of the weekend after checking out from Muar in Melaka with Jason’s family watching Tamil and Hindi movies while basking in the humidity of good old Melaka.

Noticed how Indian movies these days are trying so hard to use the slow-mo, matrix-like shooting technique blending in with a comedy twist in most movies? Or is it just me?

Oh and there’s one topic these movies love to develop their characters/stories on: multiple personality disorder. One was Anniyan, and the other I watched the other day was… I-don’t-know-what-the-title-is-because-it’s-so-darn-long. Not that the movies’ totally bad, but no other topics to talk about meh?

Speaking of which, olden days Bollywood heartthrobs can’t seem to grasp the fact that their time is over. Instead, they still want to play the main role hero romancing underage heroines, and kicking baddies’ asses. Like Kamal Hassan. (The next sentence is sponsored by jasonluvskamalhassan.com) Oh did I mention how big a fan is Jason of the dude? Says he’s a true blue hero of all times, he's the epitome of all things heroic. A little old, but totally rock his socks and would defintely rock yours too. Even wikipedia has an entry about him! Real big! Heh

Aww, but who doesn’t find themselves enjoying Indian movies? I for one can sit through every one of ‘em just ogling and drooling over those pretty dresses, actresses.

Last Saturday was apparently Indian Tamil New Year. I learned this: putandu valtegal! So I was eager to show off my new learned words by calling my Indian friends and wishing them over the phone. And just yesterday, I saw my friend from India over on MSN. So wait for what? Show off lah!

Me: Putandu Valtegal!
Abhi: Yay! Putandu valtegal to you too!!! :)
Me: Yay! I got it right! I still remember how to say it!
Abhi: Yeah! Yay! Now what does it mean?
Me: -_-

Anyway, if you’re around Melaka, do drop by at Selvam’s, that’s an Indian restaurant down town nearby Public Bank/Tabung Haji. They serve fantabulous apaam hot from the stove! And banana leaf rice too! Hawt!

Oh man, I so want some hot apaam and masala mutton with heaps of rice and fish curry on banana leaf, like now! Anyone knows of any nice eat out places in Klang Valley/ Kajang/ Bangi/ Putrajaya that serves real food?

Oh well, here’s spreading some Tamil New Year joy, putandu valtegal y’all! Peace out.


Iruini said...

Hi auntie note! >>>>>auntie<<<<< leisha...
Ariel here.
Y u put so much ad in ur blog?

Leishia J said...

auntie note? apalah uncle ariel ni!

ad is to earn money lah.

David Bong said...

hi Putandu Valtegal to you, now that you are one with an Indian..hehehe.