Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The One Where She Faked Her Wedding

OK. I sucked. I know. Blogging has taken a back seat for the past couple of weeks and I don’t feel like getting back on it anymore :)

Anyway, absence from the blogosphere means presence in the real world. I had a kick ass weekend last week! My colleague’s birthday was on Saturday, she insisted we all have karaoke with her, even if it means she had to go out of the way to come fetch me!

So we were at the Curve. And I bought a pwetty dress before we headed over to the karaoke joint! The dress, so pwetty! Anyone has any weddings coming up? Or functions or whatever? Invite me please!!! I need an occasion to wear it! Haha!

The karaoke session was boring, because I don’t sing. Too shy *ahem* ha.ha.ha. Well my colleagues were all croaking in Chinese songs, and I realized how out of touch I am. Haiks.

AND THEN! Its beef rice time over at Yoshinoya, 1U in the evening with my form six friends! Finally we managed to gather all the girls for a meal together... after Leng Sim faked her wedding and announced it over email :D

Anyway, the beef rice was how I imagined it to be! Sooo yummo. Sooo good. Sooo satisfying. Erm, actually I don’t know if it’s really that good or I have just psyched myself into enjoying it. Haha. But I love it! Another trip with me?

I love the company even more! Remember Joanna? She came too with 2 of her friends! And it was sign-language practicing time all over again, spelling out our conversations with ABC!

And then Lil Li also popped by too (hey lil!!!) with her friend. It’s nice to hear her hearty laugh. Just like old times on ICQ! Haha! We gotta do this more often man! Leng Sim promised to drag May Yen along the next! Which means more aching muscles over non-stop laughing and teasing the next! Yay!

And well, the rest, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Till the blogging bug get me again! Stay safe y’all!


sailorsim said...

hey, i only said we *should* fake a wedding announcement arh... i'm still single and happy ^^

Leishia J said...

yes, yes of course. if u feel u need to make a public explanation, pls, go ahead!


Alvin said...

i fully agree that you identify starbucks as your salvation..hahahaha...fully agree....

and the beef rice looks super yummy..

Leishia J said...

LOL ACTUALLY, my real caffeine salvation is from San Francisco coffee, but then they dont seem to be around alot, do they?

so, i guess starbucks' the next best thing who's everywhere u go! hehe

we shall do starbucks some day too!

Anonymous said...

psst.. u got tag homework.

Anonymous said...

guess wht.. yalor another tag to you.

Leishia J said...

woah nicole, slow down with the tags man! lol