Thursday, April 12, 2007

Paid Blogging? It Only Gets Better! -NOT!

For my friends who’ve just picked up the whole idea of blogging for money, here’s another good news for you: Bloggerwave.

Thanks to the ever resourceful pool of stay-at-home-mommies cum bloggers, I came to know about bloggerwave through baby Sean’s mommy, Nicole. And I was only all too glad to sign up.

Riding on the same concept of most paid-blogging web sites, bloggerwave is a new site that lets you write or rather review their listed advertisers and yes of course, you’ll be paid for doing so.

I signed up just last evening and this morning I received and email from the good guys over at bloggerwave saying my blog has been approved. That’s awfully quick for an approval to come through!

So, see for yourself! Click this and give it a go!

OK, after alarm bells were raised over the weekend in the blogosphere in regard of this paid blogging site, I’m discouraging you guys from signing up with it as it spells scam all over (the layout, the content, the policies were very similar to another legitimate paid-blogging site)

I’ve no problem logging in for the past few days but lo’ and behold, error pages keep popping up through out the day, and when I do get to log in, the dashboard isn’t mine! It belongs to a Mr. T... Sailorsim was suggesting that could due to lax security.

Whatever she means, THAT freaks me out! -_-

So I’m stopping association with this site, and I suggest you do so too. I mean, c’mon, lets not get too attached to the money, eh? There are many more ways to earn with our conscience intact.

Just a word of caution, before signing up with any sites that requires your review services, do a thorough background check of the website if you could ya (at least dig around a bit). Google or your fellow blogger friends normally will be able to feed you with useful info. And yeah, never use the same password for your bank account/paypal and all blog/email related sites. I know you know these already, I mean, duh, common sense, but hey, all of us can use some reminder, no?

So exercise a little care and alertness, you won’t be sorry for no good reason.


tzeyanghin said...

sounds like a good deal, I may give it a try in future...

Anonymous said...

if this is true, I might be a victim too.

Anonymous said...

oh boy.. I just sign in and check is it same as urs? A lady face with the name start with T???

Leishia J said...

yeah, nicole. better changed ur passwords, just in case its a scam for real.

madizta said...

The company just had a bad start. That could happen to anybody. I read somewhere that they changed server company because of several breakdowns.

Leishia J said...

hello there madizta!

well maybe ur right. in fact, i've waited long enough while doing some research and finding out before deciding to drop it.

so, to one each opinion i guess. and trust is built over time. lets just hope things will turn out well for the company and i'm sure that'll be a win-win for all! :)