Friday, May 11, 2007

Is This Right?!

I was driving happily back home on the south bound highway, and suddenly there were loud sirens wailing from the back, it was appalling! Now this is a very normal scene in Malaysia. You'll see a long line of traffic police on their bikes, followed by a heavily tinted (isn’t it illegal?) VIP’s car, followed by a few other Pajero-like cars with alien registration numbers, followed by another few more police on their bikes. Just keep wailing all the way as if the world's gonna end.

Next, they did what totally cheesed me off (as if they haven’t done so enough yet) by cutting into the queue to cross the toll! Urgh!

Like, hello, you don’t have Smart Tag ah?! Besides, it is YOU people who taught us through your million dollar road safety advertisements/campaigns squeezed from our tax money to NOT cut queue on the road! So whassup lah big shot?!

Because of them, those big shots, the rest of the world had to wait, because well hey, big shots got important appointments that concerns the national supply of air bandung (some rose syrupy drink this people loves to drink during meetings, tea breaks, and whatyouhave, bleargh) to attend. And ironically, these are the exact same people who keep raising the toll rates, increasing the petrol price, and well, basically, doing everything to make the people’s life difficult! How sweet!


Oh now that I’m on this topic, might as well! Another day, another time, another convoy, but same kinda big shot no less, did the same thing, and guess what the smart alec did. This traffic police on his cool bike right, parked right at the curb of a trunk road to the highway where no one taking the turn can see him, ever, and expect drivers to stop to let his boss through!

YOU almost caused a freaking chain accident man! Yeah YOU!

So. Frigging. Angry!

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