Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Have Good Friends

So I was ranting about how terrible the weather is lately and yadda yadda. But last night, thankfully, it sort of like cooled down a little rained. When I heard the raindrops pelting in the wee hours, as sleepy as I was, I did a little skippity skip in my heart, and went back to dreamland.

In my dream, I saw Angelina Jolie, and Timothy Olyphant, and moist chocolate banana cake, and virgin margaritas, and Timothy Olyphant, and lots of pwetty clothes to try on, and Timothy Olyphant, oh you got the idea and don't even ask! It was that goood.

And then.
*Ting Ting* Ting Ting*

What the… shoot it. Sleep first. Talk later.

And then I shocked myself up. What if it’s an emergency?! What if something happened to my Polly?! GASP!!!!

I scurried up and grabbed the phone *retrieving message*

“Hello! How are you? Long time no see! Hope all’s well. I and my family are doing great! So what’s up?”

Time read: 04:32:31 AM


PS: hey Tim-tim, if you’re reading this, well hey look! I dedicate this post to you! :) you're something! Missing me in such ungodly hours! hehe


Alvin said...

It was raining the whole morning. Working on the middle of the week with pouring rain in the morning is such a dddrrraaagg.. :S

Not a fan of local reality tv show. Always “tiru-ed” from US programs.

Find Muse’s music a bit too weird for my taste. Linkin Park is the man. Good Charlotte is improving fast. Try Daughtry (from American Idol fame), a full blown rocker who is a born again Christian.

The New Parent said...

Hey L--glad to hear it rained.

Did it get cooler?

Leishia J said...

alvin: well yeah, the local tv game shows have got lots to improve! but this ONE song is good ;)

TNP: yeah, it actually rained out of no where! lol it was nice. the whole of yesterday actually cooled down so much, and i get to wear my fluffy sweater to work! so cool! hehe