Thursday, May 03, 2007

Marathons Are Cool Like That

So Malaysians had a very long weekend starting as early as last Thursday till Wednesday, what with the installation of the Agong, Labour Day, and Wesak Day all happening one after another. But strangely the traffic in the city didn't ease up as expected.

I guess a lot of folks were like us, staying back with no agendas and plans to travel.

And in between our staying-in, rending company to an old friend, having cold sandwiches for dinner, pillow fights, buying shoulder leash for Polly, eating Ikea meatballs and drinking cinnamon coffee, scrubbing toilet bowl, joining a nail biting Bible quiz in church, getting a hair cut, supper with the youths till 2 in the A.M, and basically just being there at every moment, we also had a projector in our care. Hehe.

So we set up an impromptu cinema right smack in the living room, dug out my old movies collection, got cosy, switched off all the lights, and sipped tea.

We started with Apocalypto, a very cool but gory movie which I covered my eyes and ears through out. It was totally bloody and gory. Totally. Mel Gibson is cool like that. I guess.

Life As A House was second in line. A 2001 production I think, but it’ll worth your time and effort. If my words are not good enough a reason for you to watch, here’s one solid reason: Hayden Christensen. And a good one at that. So go watch it.

And then, I also introduced a (rather old, by now) commercialised French movie to Jason: Taxi. I’ve watched this one like, hundreds of time but funny, I was still laughing heartily all the way!

Leng Sim was an ace when she informed us that she booked 18 seats to Spiderman 3. Interested person, just fill in the blank. We did so and found ourselves driving all the way to Cineleisure. It was the first day of
screening, a 1:30pm slot, crazy weather, 45 minutes drive, madhouse traffic, we’ve never watched any of the previous episodes before, and oh, we are not even a comic fan to begin with! I know, we are anal like that.

At night when we reached home, we turned on the projector again, and we screened Pan’s Labyrinth. I had no idea it was Spanish all the way?! I recognized one of the actresses as the one in Y Tu Mama TambiĆ©m. The way she speaks, so cute.

And here comes my most romantic movie of the year: Catch & Release. Totally awesome. Totally cool. Totally romantic, totally sexy, in a tasteful sort of way. Timothy Olyphant = totally HAWT! I need to watch it again on DVD, cos well… pirated VCDs, not cool. -_-

And just for the kick of it, I threw in Amelie. Same thing as Taxi, I still giggle along while watching the movie for the umpteenth time and mused at the fact that
French humour can be quite…. ever-green. Hah!

Speaking of French humour, here’s a Malaysian one:

Jason: Eh, I thought all French movies are hamsap. How come dun have wan?
Leishia: Who told you French movies are hamsap woh?
Jason: The VCD seller loh!
Leishia: -_- … uhh let me go ask my lecturers why ok.
Jason: Cool! OK!
Leishia: =_='''


tze yang hin said...

We are going to watch Spiderman 3 this weekend. It was just put up to show in cinema this week.

I have no clue about the rest of the movies, guess I am not a movie bugs...

Read your post about Rudy Hartono too, he seems so so old now, is he the one that lost in the 1988 Thomas Cup to Cheah Soon Kit and Ong Beng Teong?

Alvin said...

saw spiderman yesterday night. Not too bad eventhough seem a bit rush, and a bit congested with the different plots but nevertheless an enjoyable movie...

Leishia J said...

tze yang: on rudy hartono.... uh, lemme go find out first! lol i guess i'm not a sports buff either. ha!

alvin: rush? i thought its quite draggy! just when you thought the big ending is coming, there are new plots coming up. bleh. but i enjoyed the part where Harry became good guy though. oops, uh did i spoil it for anyone? :)

blurrishmaroon said...

I totally want to watch Catch and Release! I very puifuk Jennifer Garner! Sweet young mom.

Can't wait to watch it. Too bad I missed in while it was showing in the cinemas.

Leishia J said...

yeah jen garner's really pretty, in a very "yau ying" way! lol

oh u wont regret getting the dvd! :)