Monday, May 07, 2007

Mobile Photos, For Real

After our wedding ended in September 2006, we were swamped by truck-loads of photos. OK, I’m exaggerating, a little. But seriously, I’ve got tons of them sitting in the computer waiting to be filtered and edited, some were requested by family and friends but we didn’t get around in sending them out, some photos are already developed but sleeping lifelessly in the store room, it’s almost sad. Too sad.

I always thought I’ll get around to framing it soon, but then the time comes and I thought, hey, why bother decorating a temporary pad when we’ll be moving out anytime soon? But then again, why not?! And the cycle goes on. Man, I tell ya, this whole home-furnishing/decorating business is really mind-boggling!

And then, I found this: digital photo frame; from, an online electronic store specializing in LCD digital frames. Alright, I sound cheesy here, but for real, this could be just the solution for my photos-incurred headache.

With digital-this and -that dominating our life, it’s difficult to get away from having folders after folders of soft-files. And then it’s either we print them all out to view, or huddle your family and friends around the computer to view the pictures. Come to think of it, it’s quite a tedious job too, even though our life has been digitalized. Ha! Talk about irony!

Just plug in your memory card into the Digital Photo Frame and choose your favourite slide show and that’s it! You can bring along the frame wherever you go and that really save up a big chunk on developing those digital photos! I love it! Oh, and besides your pictures, you can also view movie clips that have been taken with your camera, even play music in the background!

The infrared remote control offers an easy access to the settings and preferences of your photos. There is no complex setup required. Plug your 9V adapter to your Digital Photo Frame and you are ready to go! Its fool proof I tell you!

The frames come with a 3 month warrantee and they ship world wide.

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