Sunday, May 13, 2007

An Obligatory Mother’s Day Post

The thing with my family, and many of you too, is that when it comes to any festivals or xyz’s days and all, food is the only way to go and to make things merry. Without food, we are doomed!

So, Mother’s Day’s no exception, of course. Our Mother’s Day was spent at my Aunty Shen’s house with the rest of my dad’s siblings' family, crowding around the table, eating.

It took my aunt like, a day to prepare those tables-full of food, and us 40 minutes max to whack up everything. Heh. Nice.

Fried prawn, steamed fish, vegetarian shark fin soup, herbal soup, bak-cham chicken with ginger dip, braised pig’s trotter (yes, Chinese eats everything!!!), chap zhai choy, stir fried mixed broccoli (hey Alvin, yum!!!) and carrot, fried cauliflower, assorted yong tau foo, and boy there were more! So. Good.

For dessert we have hong dou shui, watermelon, that kinokuniyadunnowhat jelly with fruit cubes, watermelon, and of course Mother’s Day’s cake!

Finally, we managed to take a few pictures of the WHOLE family, chuen ka fook. And it was really nice. My aunt was like, OKOK, all the kids come and take picture with the adults, Leishia you wait out. Later the two of you (as in Jason) only take.

O_o But why just the two of us?!

I was so hurted.

Actually she meant Jason and I will take a picture with the “adults” but without the under-aged, and the un-married lah. Hehe. That makes me an adult too, ya? :D


Eric Thor said... still think you little kid ah? gonna be a mummy soon. hehehe. need to grow up liao. just dun grow old.

Alvin said...

hahaha..brocolli ..yum yum

eh you belong to the "aunty" group already lar..still kids mer...

eh nice lar your mother's day dinner..we went out for porridge steamboat in pudu

Leishia J said...

-_- i just so knew sarcasm's looming somewhere with this post.

fine. aunty mah aunty loh, but dont forget, i'm a UBER COOL, YOUNG AND CHIC AUNTY. hanh! beat that uncles!


eek alvin! porridge steamboat in USJ also got, uh wait, sunway also... wait, actualy everywhere also got. pudu sho far lah...

Alvin said...

eh I stay in KL lar..of course go to the pudu wan lar…the famous wan summore-FARMLAND…

what uncle? are definiltely older than us..hahahhaaa..aunty…sorry can’t resist that..haha

Leishia J said...

oh yeah hor.... ur attending FGA cheras or something liddat....

i'm so not DEFINITELY older than "us" loh. ahem eric ahem thor ahem above ahem is ahem defenitely ahem older ahem than ahem us lah ahem ahem ahhh choo!!!