Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh! The Horror!

We forgot Polly’s birthday! :( How sucky of us! Boo!

Polly turned 2 on April 30th. She came to our family around June 2005. She was still a teeny tiny baby dot that time. Gosh! How time flies!

She’s a total spoiled princess at home, a tom-boy princess. Well mainly yes, our fault. We pampered her too much. Polly’s a very smart doggie. She has learned how to give hand shakes, stand, sit, dance, walk on 2 hind legs, express hello when you come home and good morning when you wake up, and roll. But she would only do those handshakes and dances when she wants something from you… uh, I think you can call that smart, yes?

Oh she would only dash to her most detests dog biscuit when she sensed that you are bringing her out. Then only would she put on her best behaviour, and eat (can you believe it? Here’s one dog who doesn’t like to eat!). She’d eat one piece, look at you, look at her leash, and look at you. When she sees no reaction, she’d continue eating a second piece, like “see, I’m eating! I’m a good girl! Bring me go gai gai ok?”. Otherwise she’d avoid walking close to the bowl at all cost. Hehe.

I wish she’d live forever and forever! Happy Birthday baby girl! May the angels watch over you the whole time and protect you because you are so naughty and I doubt you remember how to live like a dog. :)

We love you so, so much!!! *oh boy I’m all teary now*sniff*


Anonymous said...

Hi L--sooo cute! I have a Maltese and she looks similar. Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing.

Leishia J said...

hey new parent! glad u like the pic. she's my favouritest creature in the whole wide world! hehe

fin said...

cute pooch!

Adino said...

Hi I found your blog through Pablo's BlogsReview. Polly is soooo cute! Is she very playful and active? It's funny that she doesn't like treats. How do you reward her then?

Leishia J said...

hey adino! thanks so much for dropping by!

oh polly loves her nutritionless treats, like those pedigree's treat-dog-biscuits, and hides, but not her main meals.

we'd make her eat by pujuking and when she finishes her bowl of food, we'll bring her out on "bonus" walk! lol

and yes, she's very playful! very active! but sleeps alot in the afternoon. so.... yeah, i'm clueless too! :)