Monday, May 21, 2007

An Adult's Baby Step

I’m a person who can’t talk in public. I have coordinations problem with my brain and my mouth. But I told a story to a bunch of restless, loud pre-schoolers and I pulled through! Praise God!

I was telling God, oh Lord, you gotta really keep those kids under control, and make them listen to me! Make them find me attractive (the story lah!), and please engage them deeply with me and my story!

And guess what? The kids were, yes restless, but restless wanting to know what happened next in my story! And they kept asking me questions and fighting to answer MY questions! As for those kids who normally like to disturb others in class and basically keep telling you that they want to go to toilet, were able to sit quietly through (though not paying attention) without pulling any stunts! Wonderful isn’t it? Praise God!

There was one part of the story flow where I had to bring across a message of “learn to own up to our mistakes and wrongs, say sorry and don’t point fingers”.

I was wondering how to make sense to the children, and boom, before the story-telling session started, when the kids were supposed to do other crafty work and all, a few kids were running around the classroom just simply going crazy playing with each other, and they knocked over a guitar. And everyone quickly looked at the teacher and said “no, not me! It’s him! It’s him!”

So when my turn to talk, I managed to use that as an example and the children went berserk trying to point out the culprit. -_- kids!

And when I say let’s play a game called “say sorry”, which required the children to say sorry to the friend next to them, they refused to! Saying “but I didn’t do anything wrong, teacher!” all while putting on innocent faces, like kena accused like that! Argh! LoL! After much explanation only would they say sorry to each other, rather unwillingly though. Heh.

Continue to trust and commit to God, and He’ll make all things right in His Timing!

For once, I enjoyed my Saturday afternoon doing this! Heh :p

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Alvin said...

Motherly instinct start kicking in hyper mode huh?

Good. Good. Good. Muaahahaa aunty. Good.

Thanks for the offer of butter and brocolli, sounds yummy-li-cious.