Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Romancing Chandeliers

I found this gorgeous gigantic chandelier in Carcosa Sri Negara and I was awed. I mean, I’m a mini-chandelier or chandelier earring only person. But this one was majestic! It was really beautiful in person! It exudes a little Old English, Secret Garden feel...

So I kept bugging my photographer to take a picture of it. He was like you want to stand under it?

-_- NoOOo. So not plofesional okay!

Anyway, if you are super rich, or super famous, or super both (Queen Elizabeth II stayed here before!), and are looking for a venue to hold your wedding, you can consider this place; exceptionally beautiful, exceptionally elegant.

Check out this site. It’ll paint the perfect picture for you with words.


Alvin said...

oh i went there before..i did my history project about it summore..

i thought it was haunted or something..hehe

The New Parent said...

Hi L--what a great looking chandelier! I love a well placed one (or two or three) in a home. It can add a bit of drama to an otherwise dull space.

Thanks for sharing!

Leishia J said...

alvin: -_- haunted... see lah! next time i go there i'll think of this word!... and you! lol

new parent: yeah man! i've just learned how an accentric chandelier (or two or three) can really, really dress up a room! when i was younger i used to detest chandelier, with a vengeance! *slow boomer u see* hehe