Thursday, May 17, 2007

They Finally Drew Me!

... but no, it wasn’t a Sony Vaio…

Lucky draws don’t like me. Seriously, it’s just not happening for me during every draw, no matter how many prizes there were, and how little people were around. I just will not clinch anything! =_=

But today, the curse has been broken, the history was written. I. Got. It!

Uh, it’s only a bottle of wine straight out from an Italian vineyard *ahem* but hey, it’s a good start, ya?

Vaio, I’ll get you some day! You just wait!

Oh, get this: I was the first one outside of Milan to try a glass of Gino Wine Cocktail! So bubbly! Yummo! Apparently this is a very popular local drink in Italy and this is its debut in Malaysia.

So. Yeah. Me. :D

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