Monday, May 28, 2007


> It’s that time of the month again! Deadlines.
> Reading tons of fantastic blogs here, here, here, and here. No, I’m not hinting anything.
> Rushed to reach home before 5 on Friday, and took off in less than 20 minutes - pack, and all - to Kuantan, still got caught in jam for hours. So darn far. Zzzz.
> Kuantan is freaking hot! Strong wind but freaking humid! I was practically a walking sweat stick. Very un-glamour.
> I watched an eagle soared in the sky while lying down on the fluffy bed.
> I had dinner by the Kuantan river. The wind was so strong, everything - ranging from my hair to the ikan bilis in my nasi lemak - flew.
> The trip was not pleasant at all - I splat lamb chop sauce to the chair on my right in the hotel, thank goodness no one was sitting there; I also flew the straw out of my empty frappucino cup to the chair on my left in Starbucks, thank goodness no one was sitting there too. But there was a bunch of guys watching checking me out before my exit stunt happened. Just not my day.
> Someone said something that got my heart slit. Ouch.
> Banana and coffee is the new black.
> Bumped into a dog show. So many doggies. I feel at home.
> Hung out at MPH. Jason found his must-have book - Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray. I’m happy for him.
> Sis called from a “fashion warehouse” in Bangkok. Lucky her. Strangely it reminded me my trip to H&M in Amsterdam. Owh! Those summer miniskirts and uh… thongs!
> We watched Hors De Prix. I love Audrey Tautou.
> But I hate that dude who talked so loudly in Tamil in the cinema, and that couple who yakked so proudly non-stop in faked English accent, who happened to sit beside me. I hate it!
> For the first time, Jason laughed while watching a French movie. Then again, maybe it’s due to Audrey’s plunging neckline costumes.
> I can claim my funds sitting in paypal already. Hurrah!
> My best girl friend is flying off tonight to Dubai with her husband and 2 babies. Never thought this day will really come. I'll miss you dearly!
> No more McD’s for me, because some experts say so. Trans-fat and all those crap. Not like I’m obese or anything!
> Life sucks. Some times, just some times.


The New Parent said...

Hi L--sounds hectic and hot! Not a great combo.
Also sounds like some frustrating moments--don't let those moments color all the rest.

Thanks for sharing this!

Leishia J said...

:) hey frank,

yeah well! i'm glad i have blogging! lol

thanks for the kind words!