Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Mini Ask Me Why "Contest"

I have been asked many times, in many ways, the question “why?” - Why do you get married? Why do you study French? Why is your husband not a Chinese? Why can’t you have a Chinese husband? Why are you not pregnant yet (duh!)? You mean, you write for a living? But why? Why are you like that? Why? Why? Why?

Now I’m not the sort of person who would carefully and painfully think through and list out my answers (and it gets on Jason’s nerves! Hahaha!) in a pink, scented Hello Kitty diary-notebook, so that’s why a lot of times, you don’t hear me talking, a lot; because really, not because I don’t want to, but simply I do not have any ready answers to people’s questions, not immediately anyway. And I get tongue-tied when I speak, well people actually call that beating-around-the-bush and they will stress their point with a yawn. So! (That’s why I prefer chatting than talking! I need only talk with my fingers, not my tongue, geddit geddit?)

But of course, I realized how important it is to have solid reasons when you make a certain decision to do a certain thing, or to do things a certain way. “Reasons” are the… uh…. reason why you persevere on!

So I’ve decided! I’ve decided to have reasons for the things that I do. Why? Because reasons are important. Why are reasons important? Well, because… erm… they sustain my goals! Aha! But why do you need to sustain your goals? Because... my goals... will determine my life directions...?... Why are your life direction determined by your goals lah? Uhh… -_- Argghh!!!! O_o

Stop it already!!!

Wait. No, actually don’t stop. Throw me a question of “why?”, in the most creative “why?” way you can ever thought of. And if your question is the most creative, and it gets my attention (gee, I feel so important!), I’ll not just answer it (I’ll try lah) and give you the reasons, I’ll also give you 2 free movie passes and a combo popcorn set. On me! I'm feeling jayyy-nuh-rose man!

How’s that for a starter huh? ;) Ask away in the comment box (you may ask as many questions as you want, just so that I get to syiok sendiri seeing all the numbers in the comment box! hehe) , and remember to leave your email address. The “contest” ends 31st May 2007 @ 2pm. (People say too short time woh =_=) 1st June 2007 @ 10.59am. (hehe!)

Actually, I am afraid that no one will join my contest *malunya!* but hey, if no one joins means I can have the free movie tickets for myself! Wahahaha! :D

But in any case, no, you can not ask me if I learned French kissing in my lectures, and no, Jason you can not join the contest!

Erm, so... have fun! :]


ling said...

yay i wanna win movie tix!!


p/s: one fella can join how many times? hahaha

JapBoyRockS said...

errr...WHY does the word WHY spelled & pronounced as 'W-H-Y' with the WHY in it?

Donny said...

Walao eh... What compelled you to do this??? (Oh wait, that's a 'what' question... nvm, don't answer that. Heh)(Er, technically, you already did in your blog. Sorry. My bad.)

Here's a killer:
Why do you feel the compelling need to have answers to satisfy others as well as to determine your life direction when you know that you can never fully satisfy everyone with the life decisions you make?

You'll end up running in circles. That's a hypothetical question. Hee... have fun!

ellejay said...

Sampat la all these people.

Why do we keep going around asking why this why that when we know that in the end only God truly knows why?


Isaac Cheah said...

Why do you even want to think about who to give the tickets to when you can just give them straight to me? WHY? WHHHYYY????


- Soon Seng -

The New Parent said...

OK--why do you wish to have a family and raise children?

.[|.€ōĺd Ścŕeăms.|]. said...

Why are some people so ignorant that they refuse to see the good in themselves instead they get jealous over other people?

>< I cant think of anything better.