Friday, June 01, 2007

And The One Who's Goin To The Movie's Is...

Warao! You people! Why your questions so holy-molly-serious-saree wann? LoL Because seriously, I was expecting hoping to see more bimbotic ones. :x uh, no matter, at least you all join hor, otherwise I need to go hide my face in the dark corner of the cinema hall already :p

Well I love you guys SOHHH much, I didn’t sleep the whole night to think up the most just way to name the winner.

And the most ingenious way I could cook up is.................... draw lot :D

I really, like, pulled out the most fragrant, prettiest paper with a little hello-kitty imprint at the corner, and cut it out to 7 nice squares and wrote your names in it and put in a bowl and I got my colleague (see! I not bias) to pick! Oh, and, and, I also Never mind.

So, OK, the winner is…................. Ling! Yay! I hope you'd enjoy your movie!

This mini contest is simply for fun, and the topic of “why” is really quite random; besides I don’t want to hog on the passes and thought I’d share some love and I guess also, one way to say hey thanks for dropping by my site! Now, lets just hope I'll have bigger baits more substantial prizes in the future for you guys.

P/S OK lah, I lied, I stayed up the whole night to watch CSI: New York on the computer lah -_-

P/S/S I really drew the lot and please don’t think I love any of you any less.

P/S/S/S Ling! So how can I pass the tickets to you?

P/S/S/S/S Frank! Thanks for being so sporting and join without *ahem*, me begging forcing asking. Hehe. Really appreciate it! :) And along the way you see alien terms like “sampat”, “lah”, “wah”, “warao”, “walau eh”, "wan", "hor", etc, etc, you need not be alarmed, all these are what we call Manglish - Malaysian English - accents/sounds/slangs/whatyouhave to stress our feelings and sentiments as we speak. We Malaysians, very expressive wan, hor people?!

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