Monday, June 11, 2007

Crossing Bridges At FRIM

We spent a day with my ex-colleagues at FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) last Saturday. I remember the last I was there was during my form two year, for a geography project and we were collecting foliage and documenting how those plants grow, and mate procreate. Boy, how time flies!

Anyway, what meant to be a just-for-fun family day turned into a little drama, with Jason tearing his muscles from sprinting to determine one winning team out of two, and had to be carried out. The obstacles challenges were serious boot-camp crap and I’m proud to announce that I managed it!

After that, it was trekking up hill in the jungle for the one-in-a-lifetime canopy walk (which is located 30m above the ground and its 200m canopy walkway is built on tree tops)! At least that’s going to be the case for me! I will never ever walk on any hanging bridges anymore! No more! For a few seconds up there I could feel myself fainting and was about to slump to my right. Bleah. Kesian Jason limped and forced himself through the whole journey. But hey he made it!

When I got down, I could very well kiss the ground and set up a shrine with leaves and twigs and stones to commemorate my being alive!

OK, maybe I exaggerated a little. All I actually did was got down from the last leg of the walk, and started telling every stranger I met at the bottom of the tree house that the canopy walk was not meant for human beings. Run and save your own life! And you see their face all dumbstruck and agape. Hehe.

The lunch was great (huge ass prawns to say the least!) but some how I guess we were all too tired to enjoy it. It was cool, no less. Knowing that I can, in fact, achieve all these things if I put my heart and effort to it. I used to have one so called friend telling me how I will be no one had it not for her holding my hand through. And I bought that. I practically lived my life without so much of an ounce of confidence.

But now I know with God, all things are possible! For He is my strength, my grace, my support. I walked away knowing I’m renewed and secured; knowing I’m somebody in His eyes and heart!

Now having said that, I still won’t agree to walk that damn bridge anymore even if you beg! Unless… you’re talking about a Sony Vaio waiting for me at the end of the canopy walk. Nyahaha!


Alvin said...

Wow pretty intense one day trip I’d say. Yeah I used to be very freaking afraid of heights, still do, a lil bit I guess. Due to my job, I’m forced to climb really frigging high buildings/structure like the highest Crane tower in whole malaysia to inspect the structure WITHOUT any harness or rope. Was freaking out that time. Now can handle heights better.

Leishia J said...

wah... what kinda job is that ah?.... and erm, u have a day job??? lol :X ok, i thought.. oh never mind! :D

Alvin said...

eh me working as an en-gi-leer...i meant thought i am still studying? i so wish it was true lor.