Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Advertlets' Puttin' Da Bling In Ma Blogging

It’s up! And it’s here! Yes, I’m talking about setting up an Advertlets poll here! I kept putting this signing-up off until just 2 days ago and boy, it felt so good. Hehe. Procrastination to the fore!

Anyway, this blogger would really appreciate if you can take part in the simple, to-the-point poll. And if you are a blogger yourself, after taking that poll, do check out and maybe sign up too (psst, better yet if you are a Singaporean blogger, Advertlets are giving out good moolahs for a buzz about them in your blog currently).

So run along now, and click on the little button that says “cycle thru ads” on the Advertlets ad on the sidebar. Or you can also submit your comments by clicking the other button that says “comment on this”.

Mucho tan-qyus! :)

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