Friday, July 13, 2007

Buy Those Earrings, Keep Some Cash

I think I’ve slowly gotten accustomed to the idea of shopping online ever since I’ve started earning a little money through paid blogging. And the icing to the cake is having websites offering coupons to give you more value-for-money purchases! One such website is KeepCash that has over 1000 merchants listed on the site with a good dose of computer/IT gadgets deals featured extensively.

I just came across this one website that really got my heart racing! Heck, it will get ANY girl’s heart racing for that matter! EarringPlanet. Uhn ha! Think you like it already? Haha!

EarringPlanet sells earrings in every possible variety you can think of - from diamonds, to pearls, chandeliers, hoops, sterling silver, dangles and drops! When it comes to diamond earrings, I especially love those studs. It’s so simple, yet elegant and classy, most suitable for all occasions that will definitely get you outshine even the host! (Oops, shhhh! :) The diamonds comes with appraisals for the higher priced range to guarantee their authenticity and quality.

And those of us who can’t afford the diamonds and pearls just as yet, they have beautiful, affordable chandelier earrings to match with your trendy lifestyles. Although their 14k Yellow Gold range makes a beautiful match with my aqua-marine blue lengha suit! (Foosh! Got to do more paid postings now on! LoL). Oh, and don't get me started on the hoops!

Currently is running free shipping promotion with any $99 purchase. Simply logon to KeepCash and click the link to activate the discount listed for In cases where there is a coupon code required, the code will be displayed as a pop-up. Just remember to enter your coupon during checkout and your discount should appear on your order confirmation.

If you do decide to buy anything from EarringPlanet, do show it tome when you receive it in the mail, will ya? :)

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