Friday, July 13, 2007

Step Aside, Genting Roller Coasters

You know what’s more adrenaline pumping than those “chi gik” rides?

By watching the figures under “Page Views” column keep going up every 20 seconds I refresh the page, and the “Unique Visits” remained at a static figure.

Elle-jay, I understand what you mean now…

Erm, it’ll be rweally rweally naish if you (yes, you! The reader :) can like, drop me a comment or something, a wave would be cool too (a moon is… well, not a social norm but if you insist!)!

Just so, you know, I can sleep well at night knowing how much you loved (or loathed. Shucks!) my doodling :]


ellejay said...

Lol, don't worry JJ LeiShia! (Eh can I just type JJLS from now on? Shorter laa)
Anyway, don't worry JJLS! We heart you! And your...doodlings!
And yes, do update on the honey thing.

Leishia J said...

just call me deltaboo! or j-boo!


Alvin said...

here you go..

a comment..


i visit your blog regularly lar..aiyor

no need so emo-fied k...i bring you go mcd..or better KFFFCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCc

essie-chan said...

If you're talking about the picture...then THAT is not your doodlings, because it belongs to another artist.

Please give due credit, yarrrr =P

OH!!! And current score?

Esther - 2
LeiShia- 0


Adino said...

*waves* :) See? got smiley also hehe

vicky said...

elo! i pop by too...but always at loss for words.. :p
can sleep better now? hehe

Leishia J said...

alv: not emo lah. joh! just find it too... weird. somehow i get loads of phantom readers! tsk. i've made too many enemies lah!

essie: i'm not talking about the picture and everyone knows the picture is Azuzephre's! Can you see there's watermark of the name there? -_-

Adino: yeah! smileys! keep giving those out and together gether we all make this a better place! Chewah! lol

Vic: ello!!! *waves frantically* so exshited to know ur ere too! yeah yeah, can sleep better ade! although, more time to Zzz will be better! :)

tan said...

hi! *waves* and *D*--->half moon...
1st of all i would like to confess... i do read ur blog... BuT dun dare to post a comment... hehe... so yeaH... dun maraH ya?!


Leishia J said...

aivee: ada pulak don dare to post comments! lol (confession time: i'm a commentaholic! :)

dun worry lah, i wont be sarcastic like jap and elle jay! hehehe

Sunflower said...

Hewwo! I dunno how I happened to come to your blog that day, but I read your Transformers post, and it was soooooo funny I knew I must come back again :D

Leishia J said...

yay! finally got ppl tell me i'm farny!... ok lah, she didnt say i'm farny, she just say transformers post was farny. but still!!!

thanks sunflower! and i enjoy reading ur blog too, rweally rweally! rawk on!

p/s i'm really sorry for mis-calling u another person's name. lol was too sleepy lah!

Alvin said...

You are quite funny lar..hahaha..

Especially the one where you got �rat-ified��..hahahha..hilarious giler�


Leishia J said...

eh! thats kisah benar lah!!! "hillarious giler"??? O_O

alvin, the keyword is "sympathy"


The New Parent said...

Hi L---you are a funny one! And some of yur posts, so laughing funny!

ellejay said...

Weih! Why suddenly I kena wan! Aiyo wuuuts this la j-boo... I was first to comment somore tau!

tan said...

sure sure sure??? hehehe... ohkayz! i'll take ur word! =P... oh ya... yes u can have a hug! as long as u return me in one piece! =P


Sunflower said...

Hehe no worries, Leishia! As long as you didn't mistake me for a guy, I can still forgive :P

ling said...

leishia! today in uni i opened ur blog, then i realised oh gosh ur blog looks so nice! LOL. ive always been using mozilla and it makes ur blog look so diff from it being in IE. the whole background is greenish-brown. ive always wondered why u make it so dull LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi L---I hope you don't mind that I'm tagging you. Check it out ...

Leishia J said...

elle jay: lol okok, i rephrase, "i wont be sarcastic like jap and ESSIE!" :D

ai vee: vhatcha mean by returning u in one piece? i so fat can crush u with just one hug meh? haiks!

sunflower: lol such forgiving soul! there's hope in the world! *tears*

ling: haha! what lah! erm, i'm not so well verse in making the site looks.... uh, normal in mozilla. yet. :|

frank: sure thing! i'll take a lookie! :)