Wednesday, July 11, 2007

God's Blessings - As Seen In The Friends I Have

Check these out!

Yeah baby, my name wired! LoL The artist also packed in some Korean-ish orange chocolate which Jason promptly finished in no time. -_-

On a different note, here’s a reminder for myself,

… we often pray for things we could get, never for things we could accomplish
for Him.

It was a little rushed the other night seeing how you comically wanting to go back to your ice cream dinner ASAP, didn’t get to thank you properly.

So here you go! Thank you! For the crafty pieces (they hold a very special place in my heart cos they mean so much to me now!), the chocolates, and the above quote which came ever so timely.


ling said...

OH MY GOODNESS when i saw this post n spotted the pictures i was like, "OH NOES!! SO MEMALUKAN DAH LAH SO UGLY AHHHH!"

on a lighter note, awww so sweet =) its no match to YOU coming all the way from bangi to a sesat taman you don't know of! :) was thinking about you as well and thinking of having dinner with you guys before i start staying in pj in august. =)


ling said...

and it's interesting isnt it, that the quote u had from my blog was something i was reminded of by a brother, and by posting it, i had reminded another sister. =)

Leishia J said...

yes! the wonders of God's hand! :) so keep writing, keep talking, keep being u! u'll never know how u'll be a blessing to others!

and hey, the names are so not ugly lohhh.... hey, u'll never know if any big italian artist came to see this and come looking for u and make u a big name in the art's world! O_O lol ;)

Alvin said...

Wah so nice..not bad..make one for me…ALVIN SAKAI..

Can ar..can ar?

Leishia J said...

-_- there u go, ling, u've got urself a fan ade....

alvin sakai....

LOL johhh!!!!!

ling said...

haha just let me know when's ur bday ;)