Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh Lucky Day! Tis Better Than Winning Lottery!

This is the craziest thing ever! Grrrr!

So I came out from my office, walking towards the coffee shop to buy my morning caffeine fix, I walked past a clinic, and that very moment, the doctor (yes, he’s the doctor, with the whateverscope hanging around his neck so don’t argue with me!) was throwing out something with force from inside the shop with a broom AND it hit my calf!

I looked down, looked to the right, and what I saw was a frigging RAT scrambling for his frigging life!!!!

I looked to the left, and I saw the frigging doctor in shocked with his frigging mouth agape.

I frigging mumbled to him loudly “IT’S A RAT! YOU THREW OUT A RAT! AND IT HIT ME!”

And all he frigging said was “Sorry sorry, close the door! Close the door!” and then he scrambled off into his room with a frigging fake DOCTOR tag hanging on the door!!!

I’m sorry, whaaaa? Close. The. Door???

What the frigging heck is wrong with him?! *fumes*

If it was ME who threw out a frigging rat (what are the chances?! Throwing out rats?! Pfft!) and it hit somebody (oh God forbid! Hit some one with a rat!!!!), oh I don’t know, I would at least offer to STAY LONGER to apologize and offer my TOILET and some COTTON and DETTOL to either wash the part of the pants or let the poor victim kill herself?!!!!! I mean, you run a clinic! Surely you have athousand types of drugs!

Don’t they teach this in school huh huh huh?!!!!

You know what, just gimme a moment, and excuse my profanity. Just one moment...

!@!$@##%$#^$%&%*&&%*&%&*(^(&*)(&)^)^^%@#$%&%*&(&)(*_$^$^#%# YOU!!!!!!!!

(Edit: Check this out! Oh the irony of it! Folks, do ask your docs to wash their hands before even touching you!)

Ahhh better.

Say, don’t you just love my happening life? :)


Alvin said...

And I thought I’m the one who has the more drama-rama stories to tell…boy I was so wrong when I read this…

HAHAHA. Why the doc said those stuffs which do not make any sense at all? Close the door? Maybe he was more worried about the rat coming into the clinic AGAIN than you getting hurt…hahaha..silly doctor..poor you.

You got wash your calf or not?



Well think or if this way..rats are basically an uglier version of hamsters… =)

Leishia J said...

haiks. i think we can be very good friends. dramas dont seem to leave us alone wan....

anyway, the doc IS worries the rat will come back in, and he couldnt careless about me!

i only came back to the office and wet a whole toilet roll to "lap" the pants loh. i dunno what else to do!

hamsters! GAH!!!!!

Alvin said...

Drama queen lar you..hahaha…so happening, well it is this kind of events or circumstances that make our lives worth living, huh?

Somemore call himself a doctor. Poor you.

Man, that incident must really freak you out….if me, I will be freaked out too.

If I were you, I will catch the “tikus/ugly hamster” and throw it back to him in his clinic so he can get a taste of his own medicine (pun intended)..hahaha…

ellejay said...

Oh no! You can't come shopping with us already! You've been...been....rat-ified!!!

Leishia J said...


wei, give face woh. i memberi semangat when ur so stressed. and this is how u label me....


m e l said...

hahaha! 'rat-ified'!!!

A Week In the Life of A Redhead said...

It was the Doctor's twim brother - not a rat.
Catherine, the redhead

Leishia J said...

LOL cath! i bet so now that u mentioned it! :D

Adino said...

What kind of doctor is afraid of rats? Come to think of it, what kind of man is afraid of rats?

Umm.. would you mind hinting which clinic this is? With rat infestation problem and a scaredy-cat doctor, I don't want to end up in that clinic.

P/S: it's a stethoscope.

Leishia J said...

well, to begin with, puchong is not exactly an ideal, happy place to stay in. cos its just so dirty all around. i was just telling dohny how from the place i park my car to my office, i'll get dead, rotting rats all along the way. so -_-

anyway, my place is actually that biz centre opposite I0I mall. and the clinic is next to a kopitiam named "20".

plus, its not about him being a doctor who's afraid of rats or whatever, but its about him throwing a rat out, hitting a passerby, and didnt even have that lil bit of manners to check if the person is all alright, instead just leave her out in shock! (i mean, i was still standing there, looking at him, jaw wide agape! all he did was quickly close the door after 2 sorries. grrrr!)

p/s yeah stethoscope! ;) hehe thanks!