Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just Another Mundane Sat’day, Until!

It was 9-ish at night and we were tired. Most Saturdays will have us travelling a good 40 minutes minimum in the morn’ to PJ where my family lives, and most activities and friends reside. I have no problem with the distance but it’s a different story with Jason.

Anyway, we were at Kelana’s Giant wanting to stock up on groceries and toiletries. As we entered the hypermarket, there were 2 rows of ice cream fridges lining up the entrance and I was saying hey, let’s have ice cream later. Right after I said that, we both stoned dead midway.

Fuggalingam! The vouchers! O_O We both resounded.

See, miche gave us a $50 Haagen Daaz vouchers half a year ago, which expire on the 30th June. We’ve been savouring them one piece at a time, making sure there’s a good interval of at least 2 months before we use the next.

So the last two $10 vouchers were even more preciously kept and guarded, waiting to be savoured at just the right moment.

So Saturday was 30th June -_-

And we only realized that at 9pm. And we were like, 20 minutes drive away from 1U, the nearest HD parlour before it closes at 10pm. PLUS, may I mention, Saturday night traffic? =_= Ding dong-ly mad!

I was kicking myself! Seeing that, Jason said, let’s go for it lah! Sure can reach wan!

So he dragged and forced me into the car (the only reason for my reluctance was because of this equation: Beating Time + Jason’s Fearless Driving Skills + (Bad Traffic x Jason’s Eternal Hatred For Traffic Jams)² = Messed-Up Hair + A Freaked-Out Me (my heart is weak you see -_-)

But we so managed!!! And we had this to celebrate:

this is called Flower Blossom. Teehee ---^ 6 scoops you knowww~

I know!!! So cool right?!!

SIX glorious scoops of ice creams, hot momma ballooona!!! That night, I RIP-ed slept very well…


miche said...

that's MY ice cream!!! :P

Leishia J said...

ha! ya! will get u one.... WHEN you come here!