Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformer Not Just Rawks, It Brought Bloggers Together Too!

First off, have you watched TRANSFORMERS?!


were not exactly part of my childhood; Thundercats, Jam, Little Pony, Silverhawk, Carebears (oh yes, Carebears!) - Yes. So, all the hype about Transformers didn’t move me one bit. Nah uhn! I was strong! *Roar*

And then the fateful afternoon where we had lunch with Dohny, Jap, and the gang, where they so kindly offered us 2 tix to the movie (we paid for it lah! We didn’t cheat small boys’ money wokay!). So while I was still erm-ing in consideration, Jason answered OK! faster than lightning.

And boy was I glad he said OK! SOOOO COOL CAN DIE. The part where Mikaela mentioned how old and crappy the old Camaro was, and foosh! biissaarrrzzzppphoosh! BumbleBee just transformed into the 2008 preproduction of the Camaro. SOOO COOL CAN DIE. Ooh, and the car chase scene between BumbleBee and the bad police autobot, the music!!!! SOOOO COOL CAN DIE!!!!! That scene made me wanted to do 5 times Ribena Berry’s skippity skip!!!! SOOO COOL CAN DIE!!!!! And Linkin Park’s song at the end of the movie. SOOO COOL CAN DIE 3 TIMES!!!!


The anti climax part was from Jason - “why everyone so excited ah? Very nice meh?”

O_O “very nice meh?” !!! -_-'''

Oh so the part about TRANSFORMERS brought bloggers together is liddis: Dohny came with a couple friends. Dohny introduced us. Hello. Hello. *Smile*. *Smile*. Dohny mentioned the name that ends with “no”, or something along the line. It was noisy. So that was it. New friends, old friends, all went watched TRANSFORMERS together. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Then today, I got a comment on my blog:

This is going to be weird but... OMG we watched Transformers together! I thought
you and your husband looked familiar when Donny introduced us...

That came from Adino. A fellow blogger who dropped by my blog through blogsreview.net who did a review on my blog some time ago! *GASP*

Turns out, he’s an old member of our church (or something like that), and so he sorta recognized us! But he kept his cool and didn’t ask (what lah! LOL).

I was like I-can’t-stop-using-exclamation-marks-already!!!! The world is soooo schmall!!!!

See, TransformersSOOOO COOOL CAN DIE right?!!!

OK. Need. Water. My mouth gawked too long already. It's too hot in here. Tongue’s dried up. Typing this post is better than going to Starbucks. I get 10 shots of Macchiato at one go! O.O


Transformers! More than meets the eyeeeeee!
Transformers! Robots in Disguiseeeeeee!!!


JapBoyRockS said...

the = mel! wahahahaha!

pablopabla said...


Leishia J said...

jap: got nothing more intelligent to say isit? -_-

pablo: yes yes you must must must MUST with capital M.U.S.T - MUST! and then watch it twice, watch it thrice! :D happy transforming!

ellejay said...

Korkor Adino!! He taught Youth SCG back when I was...younger. Forgot how he looks like though. Lol. I don't think I'm remembered either. Ahah!

And thank you Leishia! For once they get to be the 'small' ones. Always call people small girl small kid blablabla.

And Jason doesn't seem to think Transformers is that good.

Alvin said...

eh transformer being made into a live action movie is every boy's dream....it was my favourite cartoon show of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL time...

transformer is the bomb..

yeah...even a chick like you also think so...wah lau..


Jared says, said...

hav to agree tat it's the show OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahaha..i'm so watchin it again next week...and maybe when my dad comes back the week after...hahaha

Leishia J said...

jen: wah u all ah, can call KORKOR adino but REFUSED to call JIEJIE leishia -_- . very the duh lah! yerr i'm so hurt-ed lah.

alvin: oh ya! da bomb man!!! and what do u mean by "a chick LIKE YOU" ah???

jared: totally agree! SHOW OF THE YEAR MAN! yeah, and we can loop it 3 times during the movie marathon! nyahaha! so cool! and then we can force lijen to watch and convert her!

Adino said...

Leisha: I didn't actually recognize you and Jason that night. I was catching up on my Google Reader blog posts (I subscribe to ur blog) and I saw the post on 6.4.1, then I put 2 and 2 together and remembered I saw ur wedding pics before.

I left Subang Jaya AG to attend Kota Kemuning AG because I moved to Kota Kemuning. My wife and I are in Donny's band.

Ellejay: Must tell me your name la.. see if I can remember you... I hope you remembered those things I taught hehe... You can see how I look like at my blog la :)

Oh, and it's such a small blogging world... we both know Pablo!

As for Transformers, it was very cool but... bring on the Care Bears (yay!)

*looks around... can hear cricket sound... I'm the only one cheering?... sit down meekly*

Dohnie said...

Care Bears!!! Lalala!
"Do the Care Bear Countdown! Five, four, three, two, one... Care Bears, stare!"

Nyahaha! I'm so happy! I was naming all those cartoons the other nite in YAC, and all the kids were just giving blank looks! Haha!

Anyone else remembers Popples, Punky Brewster or Gummy Bears?

Leishia J said...


adino: lol i dun hear cricket sound oso?! this is MY blog. and MY blog approves of care bears! haha

pablopabla said...

Leisha, frankly I didn't know why I decided to put one of your wedding photos on the review. Now I know that it has sort of brought u and Adino together :) That's great!

And by the way, I WILL be WATCHING the movie. Just need to find time and tickets, that's all. LOL!

ellejay said...

JIEJIE Lei Shia:
Aiyo...not like I call you aunty Lei Shia also! Fine fine, I shall call you JieJie everything now okay? And convert me? Triple loop? NOooooohs!!!!!!!!

ellejay is me la. LiJen. I'm pretty sure you won't remember me though. And yes, now I do remember how you look like!

To whom it may concern:
Oh noe! Don't carebear here! I have the figurines but I don't think I've ever watched the show.
I do know Gummy Bears though! Gummybeary Juice! *sproinggg*

Leishia J said...

pablo: haha! yeah! i was like, what?! my wedding picture! and it has to be THAT one?! LOL but oh well! everything happens for a reason i guess! :)

and yeah, finding the time and tickets would be very useful! lol

Leishia J said...

jen: ok, its a deal. no more auntie-ing! and why not carebear?! they rules too!... erm, with their.... cupcake and rainbows and cloud on their tummies loll