Friday, July 27, 2007

Walk On By: Blogathon 2007

I have wonderful families, great friends, a career in the making, a great husband whom I share a load-full of dreams and aspirations with, a beautiful silly pet dog, and above all, a loving Father in Heaven.

I have everything. And then I read this.

A group of friends, coming together, entering a blogathon in memory of a dear friend who suffered from bipolar disorder - a psychiatric condition that later contributed to her decision in taking her own life.

It was difficult for them to comprehend why things turned out the way they did, what more for me, a passer-by. But all things happened for a reason, and I’m a believer of that. What happened then is going to bring about a wave of awareness now. Surf on over and read from their eyes.

If you were Val’s friend and will like to say something during the blogathon, please send a copy of your post to us at blogathon07[at]gmail[dot]com. We will post your entry during the course of the blogathon… You can also stay online and cheer us on during the course of the blogathon (from Malaysian time, 9pm on 28th July to 9pm 29th July). And of course, a very practical way of supporting us will be to pledge towards our cause.

So show them some support! Drop by to cheer them on! That will make a difference, and that, is how we pass the love on.


YeePei said...

Thanks for the push. :)

Leishia J said...

not a problem at all yeepei! i hope u guys had a blast doing the 'thon! :)